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Imperial Warehouse


Our Philosophy

   Our philosophy at the Imperial Warehouse is to provide teachers, parents, and other consumers with the best possible service and affordable prices. We also strive to carry as many items as possible so that everyone who visits the store will leave satisfied. In addition to teaching supplies, we also sell a wide range of flags, flag accessories, and paper products. We also offer laminating services.

   In addition to the Teacher's Store, we also operate the Imperial Christmas Shoppe. Our inventory contains a large selection of lights and artificial trees of all shapes and sizes, as well as other Christmas gifts and decorations.

Our Staff

   Our knowledgeable staff is comprised of former and current teachers and other hardworking individuals who will strive to fulfill your needs each time you visit.

The Future

   Recently we moved our store to a 3-story, 24,000 square foot warehouse in downtown Wheeling, WV. Currently our store occupies only the first floor of the building, but in the future we plan to continue to renovate the upper floors and occupy them as well. As our inventory continues to grow, we now have a facility capable of presenting it to the consumer in an efficient and interesting manner.


















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